Our Services

  • Film production (Documentaries and TVC)

  • Script writing and content development

  • Video Post Editing (Online and Offline)

  • Visual Effects / Compositing / Color Correction

  • 2D and 3D animation

  • Motion capture and motion building services

  • Creative design

  • Green screen studio rental

  • Third Rock Creation Sdn. Bhd. offers its wide range of services and expertise in professional video production work involving tasks ranging from multiple-camera studio production to field production such as shooting dramas, feature films, documentaries, television commercials, music videos, television programs, corporate videos, event coverages, marketing and training videos. Our highly trained and experienced workforce are fully capable of assisting clients from public and private sectors in any stage of the production pipeline from storyboarding to live shooting and final editing.

    At Third Rock Creation Sdn. Bhd., we also provide our technical expertise and creativity in profes- sional video post production work involving gener- al video editing tasks such as compositing, editing and mastering. In addition to that, Third Rock Creation Sdn. Bhd. have the capability to create advanced high quality visual effects solution and upgrades the clients’ upcoming project to another level by including additional design works, aesthetically keen motion graphics, technically driven motion capture, and also animation work both in 2 dimension (2D) and 3 dimension (3D). We ensure you that we always strive our best to emphasis on delivering international quality work and service to our future clients.